What you need

The Theory Test

The Theory Test must be passed before you can apply for your learner permit. You can see more details and book your test through the DTTS (Driver Theory Test Service) website http://www.dtts.ie

Getting your Learner Permit

Before you can learn to drive you will need to obtain a learner permit. You need evidence of ppsn, theory test pass certificate(dated within 2 years), eyesight report(fully completed and dated within 1 month),medical form if required(dated within 1 month),evidence of address,photographic id,Evidence of residency entitlement and relevant fee.Your photograph and signiture will be captured at NDLS office.www.ndls.ie

The Practical Driving Test

The final step in getting your full driving licence is of course to take the practical test. During the course of your lessons you will guided through the test procedure so you know what to expect on the day. We will let you know when we think you are ready for your test.
You can book your test online at www.rsa.ie