Top Tips for Passing Your practical driving Test

Top Tips

  • Don't assume the cheapest lessons are the best. Concentrate on getting great value for your money.                                       
  • Check out how long a 'lesson' really is. Some driving schools offer lessons that are less than an hour long, or pick up and drop off other pupils on your lesson time.
  • Make sure your instructor is RSA ADI approved.This means he has passed all RSA theory and driving examinations.Check out RSA website for full list of approved instructors on
  • Check that driving instructors car  has dual controls and car is in good condition. 
  • A mix of formal and informal training is a good way to develop your driving skills and risk awareness.
  • Discuss with your instructor when to apply for your practical driving test .
  • Sponsors must hold a full driving licence for at least 2 years.
  • Practice makes perfect !! practice as much as possible with your sponsor betweeen your EDT lessons.
  • Always choose a practice area that is suited to your driving ability. 
  • Practice test routes with your instructor and sponsor and do pretest lesson before your practical driving test.